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Arthur’s passion is boat building. He has made twenty boats including a couple of cardboard boats over his lifetime. He looks forward to sharing his passion with individuals and groups who share his interest in small boats.

Boat building at home is far more than making a boat. It is an opportunity for family members to engage in a project that involves: cooperation, communication, patience, and feelings ranging from despair to joy. Making a boat can become a bonding experience that family members remember and appreciate for the rest of their lives. And – the result is a boat that can be a source of enjoyment for years.

Interested in making a kayak, sailboat, canoe, or rowboat? Call Arthur to discuss your interest or arrange for a group presentation. He will discuss: tools needs, materials used, and supply sources for the beginner. Tap his knowledge of the building techniques, such as “stitch and glue,” plywood on frame, and molded veneer. He can show you various boat plans that illustrate what is involved and help choose a suitable design.

There is no fee related to boat building activities.