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Dream Related Services

We intuitively know that dreams mean something. Unfortunately our culture encourages us to consider them weird, strange, or just plain crazy. Yes, they may be all those things, but they still mean something. In fact, dreams address our most serious concerns in the areas of relationship, career, personality, and even health. So, join those who are waking up to the fact that with the intention to discover their meaning leads to amazing dream guidance that can be positively life changing.  Read More >>

Luscher Color Test

People enjoy and are intrigued with ideas related to how different color preferences tell us about ourselves. Color is frequently used in common speech to describe how a person feels; for example “he’s seeing red” clearly indicates anger. The Luscher Color Test provides a proven way to learn more about oneself in an atmosphere of acceptance with the use of everyday language. No psychological jargon or threatening labels here. Ideas are even generated regarding how to resolve and overcome difficult situations and problems.  Read More >>

Speaking Engagements

Arthur is recognized as a wonderful story-teller who capitalizes on the ability of stories to teach. He is an engaging speaker for both adult and children’s groups. Teachers have noted how his compassion and love of children allow him to hold the close attention of children in this era of short attention spans.  Read More >>

Boat Building

Arthur’s passion is boat building. He has made twenty boats including a couple of cardboard boats over his lifetime. He looks forward to sharing his passion with individuals and groups who share his interest in small boats. Read More >>